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In keeping with Project Access NOW’s mission of improving the health of our community by creating access to care and services for those most in need, the C3CAp Program was developed to help very low income patients facing financial hardship, get the support they need with key items that influence their health outcomes. Examples of assistance are temporary housing, medications, a cab ride, diabetic supplies, training/education for health improvement, support groups, care coordination, etc.

This website was designed to provide support to users of C3CAP Program. The video trainings are a must for anyone new to the program or for those looking for a refresher. The Library/Document section allows a user to view the manual, review Tips & Tricks, and to download a quick reference sheet outlining the steps to use the application. The Super User section allows identified super users to request bus tickets and to request the addition of new users.


Looking for CLARA?
Click HERE or go to https://c3.vistalogic.net/clara