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C3 Community Assistance Program

What we do

When life happens and obstacles prevent people from being able to regain or maintain their health, Project Access NOW may provide access to the support and services people need.

There are two components to the Community Assistance Program (or C3CAP for short) that we’ve developed in partnerships with our hospital and Coordinated Care Organization partners. Our hospital partners  (Providence and Kaiser) utilize the program to provide vulnerable patients discharging from the hospital with the resources they need to be safe and secure. Our CCO partners are able to utilize the same infrastructure to provide their members with other non-medical services and resources that improve and maintain enrollee health.

These resources can include anything from transportation or medication, to temporary housing or a new bed that may have been destroyed in an accidental fire. Our goal is to help our community by providing the things they need most in order to have a successful recovery and continue to improve and maintain their health.

Interested in becoming one of our vendors or offering C3CAP at your organization? Email us at c3cap@projectaccessnow.org for more information.

How we got started

Providence Health & Services was our development partner for this program. Providence identified a need to more efficiently track the services they were already providing upon discharge and contacted Project Access NOW to help them do so. Utilizing Vistalogic’s online platform, CLARA, we were able to streamline the tracking, reporting and payment of the services provided to vulnerable patients upon discharge.

We began serving clients in November 2014, and now support all Oregon Providence Hospital systems as well as Kaiser Permanente. We began supporting the CCO’s in the Portland Metro area in 2016.

Exploring c3cap.org

Each organization has a specific area on c3cap.org. Each area contains support information like documentation as well as forms for ordering bulk items (only available to Super Users). Our holiday closures are listed on our Contact Us page as well as a contact form where you can ask questions or provide feedback on our program, website, vendors, etc. We would love to hear from you!

Project Access NOW

The C3 Community Assistance Program is only one of four programs managed by Project Access NOW.

The mission of Project Access NOW is to improve the health of our community by creating access to care and services for those most in need.

We invite you to visit our website www.projectaccessnow.org and get more information on how we are working to improve the health of our community.